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30 North America › United States Southwestern Deserts & Pacific Forests  yolo   See back foldout. HIGHLIGHTS  yolo Frontier Country HIGHLIGHTS ›› Reliving the Wild West in Tombstone ›› walking amongst the spectacular rock formations of the Garden of the Gods ›› counting stars at Lake Powell ›› being humbled by the beauty of Zion ›› trying your luck in Las Vegas ›› learning about Navajo culture in Monument Valley   See back foldout. 15 DAYS—Los Angeles to Los Angeles 1999 FROM $ Optional My Own Room: 249 $ Trip COde: NUAW ( Type: Group What's Included Service Level: Camping Accommodations Hotels (4 nts), Physical Demand: @ participation camping (10 nts) Transport Air-conditioned private touring van Group Size Max 13, avg 10 Group Leader Mesa Verde NP Monument Valley Bryce Canyon NP Zion NP 10 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 10 dinners. Allow USD150-175 for meals not included. Black Canyon of the Gunnison Colorado Springs U SA The last gunfighter hung up his spurs long ago, but the dust, duels and derring-do of the Old 2399 $ Optional My Own Room: IS THIS TRIP FOR ME? Type: Group Service Level: Camping Physical Demand: What's Included Los Angeles Albuquerque Phoenix West still captivate 21st-century imaginations today. On this trip, you'll journey back to a time 599 $ Trip COde: NUAS Seattle participation camping (10 nts) Transport Portland Air-conditioned private touring van Group CEO throughout Meals Included @ Mt Rainier NP Mt Saint Helens Redwood SP 10 breakfasts, 9 lunches, 10 dinners. Allow USD75-100 for meals not included. Itinerary If fun had a mailing address, it would be on the Pacific Coast. A veritable greatest-hits ( Silver Falls SP Oregon Dunes Size Max 13, avg 10 Group Leader US A Yosemite NP Mendocino San Bishop Francisco Las Vegas Death Valley NP Los Angeles compilation of West Coast Americana, this trip Joshua Tree NP incorporates four diverse urban hotspots—LA, Las Vegas Itinerary FROM Accommodations Hotels (5 nts), IS THIS TRIP FOR ME? CEO throughout Meals Included 16 DAYS—Los Angeles to Seattle ›› Gazing up at redwoods and peering down into the Grand Canyon ›› inhaling fresh forest air in the Pacific Northwest ›› rolling the dice in Las Vegas ›› breaking a sweat in Death Valley ›› getting funky in San Francisco ›› hiking in Yosemite ›› driving along the spectacular coasts of California and Oregon Grand Canyon NP Lake Havasu City San Francisco, Vegas and Seattle—with the full-on natural majesty of the region's famed deserts, Santa Fe canyons and forests. Roam the Strips (Sunset and Vegas) in search of nocturnal thrills, then flee to White Sands the rawest nature America can offer: Yosemite, the Grand Canyon and the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest. Come sample the coast with the most. Tombstone when the only things a man needed to get by Day 1 Los Angeles Arrive at any time. Day 2 Joshua Tree National Park/Lake Havasu were a trusty horse and a steady six-shooter. Orientation tour of Los Angeles. Take short hikes among the boulders and famous Joshua trees, From the gritty essence of Tombstone and Santa Fe to the wild back countries of New Mexico and and cool off in the crystal-clear waters of the Colorado River. (1L,1D) Days 3-4 Grand Canyon Colorado, we reckon you'll get the most authentic feel for life in the saddle this side of the Rio Grande. National Park/Las Vegas Take short hikes and enjoy a pizza dinner at the edge of the canyon Day 1 Los Angeles Arrive at any time. Day 2 Phoenix Visit the Imperial Sand Dunes, the largest mass of sand dunes in California. Travel to Phoenix for a real southwest cowboy town experience. Days 3-4 Tombstone/White Sands National Monument Visit Tombstone, a Wild West boomtown. Drive through Las Cruces to the bizarre White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. (1B,2D) Day 5 Albuquerque/Santa Fe Take in southwest culture in Santa Fe and tour the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. (1B,1D) Days 6-7 Taos/Colorado Springs Visit Taos and take an optional trip to Taos Pueblo. Encounter Anasazi cliff dwellings, do some hiking, check out Pikes Peak and stroll around the Garden of the Gods. (2B,2L,2D) Days 8-9 Black Canyon of the Gunnison/Mesa Verde National Park Drive through the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and opt to go rafting. Drive to Mesa Verde NP and hike to the cliff dwellings. (2B,2L,2D) Days 10-11 Lake Powell Learn about Navajo culture at Monument Valley and enjoy a traditional meal. Take an optional Navajo-led 4x4 excursion. Enjoy time by the lake. (2B,1L,2D) Day 12 Bryce Canyon National Park Drive along isolated Scenic Byway 12. Hike through Bryce Canyon hoodoos and see how it's done on an optional rodeo visit. (1B,1L,1D) Day 13 Zion National Park/Las Vegas Hike in Zion National Park. Explore Las Vegas along the famous Vegas Strip. Optional VIP limo ride. (1B,1L) Day 14 Los Angeles Try some gold-panning at Calico Ghost Town. Arrive in LA and enjoy a guided city tour of this metropolis. Day 15 Los Angeles Depart at any time. Trip Dates May 11 – May 25 at sunset. Enjoy a bird's-eye view with an optional helicopter flight, then travel Route 66 and stop at a wacky burger joint. Explore Las Vegas along the Strip and an optional VIP limo experience. (2B,2L,1D) Days 5-6 Death Valley National Park/Bishop/Yosemite National Park Visit the hottest, driest and lowest point in North America: Death Valley. Stargaze at secluded hot springs. Marvel at spectacular views, take short hikes to majestic waterfalls, lakes and meadows, and walk amongst giant sequoias. Option to cycle in Yosemite Valley. (1B,1L,2D) Days 7-8 San Francisco Check out Fisherman's Wharf and the Golden Gate Bridge. Take an optional cable car ride over the steep hills, rent a bike or set sail to the setting sun. (1B,1L) Days 9-10 Mendocino/ Redwood State Park Drive along the stunning coast to Mendocino, and walk beneath the giant redwoods and through a 'fern canyon'. (1B,1L,2D) Days 11-12 Oregon Dunes/Silver Falls State Park Tour little fishing villages and lumber towns along the dramatic coastline. Explore the Oregon Dunes by foot or on an optional dune buggy. Hike the Ten Falls Trail past waterfalls and explore the secret trails behind them. (2B,2L,2D) Days 13-14 Mt Rainier National Park Stop and smell the roses in Portland on the way to Mt St Helens—one of the most active volcanoes in North America. Explore Mount Rainier National Park and enjoy a campfire barbeque. (2B,1L,2D) Day 15 Seattle See what the hype is all about on an orientation tour. Opt to ride up the famous Space Needle. (1B) Day 16 Seattle Depart at any time. Trip Dates ( Start – Finish ) Jun 08 – Jun 22 Jul 06 – Jul 20Aug 10 – Aug 24 Sep 14 – Sep 28 May 25 – Jun 09 Aug 31 – Sep 15 ( Start – Finish ) Jun 08 – Jun 23 Jun 22 – Jul 07 Jul 06 – Jul 21 Dates and prices are subject to change. For booking, availability, and detailed itineraries, consult your travel agent or check online. Jul 20 – Aug 04Aug 03 – Aug 18Aug 17 – Sep 01

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