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30 EUROPE › MULTI-COUNTRY LOCAL LIVING EUROPE In praise of slow Local Living trips are designed for travellers who prefer to slowly slip into a destination and let it get under their skin. These trips open up some of Europe's most memorable places in ways you'd never manage on your own. Stay among the locals, set your own agenda and witness what real life in your new favourite place is really all about. Sometimes, 'slow' is 'just fast enough.' WHAT'S A LOCAL LIVING TRIP LIKE? Built-in best friend Just like on a regular G Adventures trip, your CEO is well-versed in the inner workings of the regions you'll be exploring and is always on-hand to help with any questions you might encounter. This covers everything from getting something translated to organizing day trips to finding a good spot to grab a meal. And if you discover something awesome on your own, be sure to let us know! Share and share alike, right? Central stays You won't move around much on a Local Living trip, but considering the possible settings—Provence, Burgundy, Tuscany and Sicily, to name a few—you won't want to. The centerpiece of each trip is a charming and unique home base, which means you only have to unpack once and know you'll be spending each night in a comfortable, familiar place. Special sleepovers Each Local Living property has been carefully selected to provide you with a relaxed, homey atmosphere and a wholly authentic feel for the region you're in. These aren't hotels; they're Italian agriturismos and Icelandic farmhouses, Sicilian beachfront apartments and cozy Provençal cottages, slow-moving river barges and luxurious Catalan homes. The only downside: Eventually, you'll have to leave. Complete flexibility We're big on personal freedom, which is why Local Living itineraries are intentionally kept loose and open. The CEO keeps a cheat-sheet of suggestions—sights, day trips, markets, whatever—for travellers to choose from, but for the most part, you're free to follow your whims and discover on your own terms. TM

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